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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Like, once a month, ok?

Someone was asking the other day if I've given up blogging already...no...well, not really, anyway...

Man, am I bad at being consistent about things or what? I'm so NON-habitual, that I find consistent journal (or blog) entries to be too much. This from a guy who takes a different way to work every day...has no set morning routine...dumps his clothes on a floor in a different part of the house every day...

I'm very much into a "photography" phase of life. I always have SOME creative outlet, and right now, photography is IT. Sometimes it is writing fiction, others it is playing guitar and singing (in the privacy of my own home, thank you), sometimes it is painting or drawing (which I do only slightly better than the music), and right now it is photography. (Of course, to look at my photoblog, you wouldn't know it...I haven't posted there in a while either...have some film that needs developed...)

I think it (this current interest in photography) is partly because it is something I enjoy that I have at least a little natural talent at. Now, I've purchased a medium-format camera (two actually, but that's another story) and am looking at attempting that medium for a while. If I like the results, I'm planning to build a darkroom in the garage, and begin to develop and print my own photos. Cheaper, and more fun.

In high school I was able to get a taste of running the whole process through myself...taking, developing, and printing...and I enjoyed it. Close the door to the world, turn out the lights, and create....


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