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Thursday, July 17, 2003

The Photo Effect

It's interesting to dig up some old photos, and sit back to watch the response. My grandfather had been cleaning out some old drawers, and he found tons and tons of negative strips from photos he had taken. Before I got there, he had already thrown some away, but I was able to salvage some of them. Two rolls of film in particular which none of us ever remember seeing the prints from. They appear to be from the Winter of 1974, and possibly the spring of '75. Old fashions, old hairdos, young people who are now much older (about 30 years) and several faces that belonged to loved ones no longer with us.

I scanned the negatives into my computer using the Canon D1250 U2F scanner, which has the ability to scan both regular photos, and also has a specially built negative scanning attachment. I sent some of the pictures to my mom, and posted more of them in my photo-blog.

There are little things I remember, even though I was only two. I remember the white-pearl, black-pearl ring my mom is wearing while brushing my golden-blond hair...details of my grandparent's house that have still not changed...my aunt Marcie in rollers at the family dinner...the old black leather recliner that was "grandpa's chair"...

I'm also going back through dozens of rolls of my own photos to archieve some of the better ones at that photoblog...something I've been "meaning" to do.


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