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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Framing Continued

Well, framing continued, despite some rain. The basic framing and roofing is done, and the windows and doors are installed. There is some work still to be finished in this phase, but the project is certainly taking shape. We are quite happy with the orientation and look of the property as you approach, even in this early stage.

Photo Descriptions:
1) This was the point they had reached in the second story framing when the rains and winds came mid-week last week. The front and one side were done, but they couldn't get the other two walls up yet.

2) Monday they finished the second story. This is the full view of the front of the house as of Tuesday.

3) The view of the house from across the street, not quite on the golf green.

4) Detail of the front entry way, with the door and sidelights installed.

5) The full view of the back of the house.

More photos to follow in the next post, showing the views of the outdoors from inside the house (which is hard to visualize until the windows are actually installed).


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