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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Rooms with Views

One of the things we fell in love with with this property was the isolated feeling, even though we are in a decent sized addition. The back of the lot is tree lined, and slopes quickly down a hill toward an open farm field (which, will be visible somewhat when we thin some of the trees out). There is no neighbor directly in front of us, and no neighbor directly next to us on one side (and there won't ever be). In effect, we have one direct neighbor and a house diagonal from us across the street.

We tried to situate the house in a way that would maximize this feeling of a more country environment, but it is hard to "see" what the views will look like before the house is actually built, especially the views from the second story.

1. The view of the back yard through the double patio door. We will have a pub table and chairs there for most of our dining, overlooking the back yard, and hopefully someday, a clearer view of the expanse of the farm fields behind us (especially good for early morning coffe-and-a-sunrise). In the winter, when the trees don't have leaves, we'll get early morning sun there.

2. A view of the back yard from upstairs. We are planning to push the brush line back some, and thin a little, but leave enough to still feel close to a wooded area. Also, the construction refuse will be removed. :-)

3. We weren't LOOKING to live on a golf course. It just worked out that way. We tried to angle the house so that the open spaces of the golf fairway and the green were highlighted, not because we want to watch golf, really, but becuase it enhances the feel of openness. It will be nice in winter to look out over a snowy, wide expanse.

4. Finally, to give some sense as to the positioning of the golf green relative to the house, I took a picture from the far back corner. I saw a really bad golf shot yesterday that trickled across the street. I think instances of full-on golf ball and house collisions will be rare.


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