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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Something New, and Possibly Exciting

Shane, who I mentioned before as one of the reasons I've started this, pointed out an awesome site that peaked my interest. I've been taking a lot (as the people at Meijer will attest) of pictures lately. It's my current "creative" hobby, since my song/fiction powers have been zapped by the kryptonite that is writer's block. So this scavenger hunt seemed pretty cool. I suppose I'll give it a shot. While there, I noticed the opportunity to host some of my images at a place called FOTOpage, so I've signed up for both a blog and a FOTOpage in the last two days. I'll post a link to my pictures once I have the photo page thingy working.

I'm suddenly becoming open and available for criticism...imagine...Now if I can find a place to share my fiction that I like...I'll keep you posted (as if there really is a YOU at this point).


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