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Tuesday, August 05, 2003


Much of my time this weekend was taken up by me trying to assist our township's fire department as they fought a major tire fire on the outskirts of town. And, by "assist" I mostly mean, sitting around, watching them fight the fire. I was able to help with a few transportation issues, and served as spokesman to several media outlets. Most of my comments fell to the editing room floor, thankfully.

What was unfortunate was the local news media's focus on a several-year-old story, instead of the actual news. We were told, yesterday, by the "news" editor that he encourages his reporters to focus more on the "perspectives" surrounding a story, rather than just looking at the facts...it shows. So much so that I had to help craft a response to the newspaper, which they graciously ran today, with just a few minor changes to the text.

As I told some friends today: there are days when it becomes hard to screw up the motivation to do the right thing...


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