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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Odds and Ends

First, I saw a big banner at McDonalds today...it reads: New "Chicken McNuggets"...i think they had a typo and it should have read: New "Chicken" McNuggets...

Second, I was watching Modern Marvels last night on TLC and the announcer said something to the effect that "all these modern inventions were supposed to save us time, but we have less free time now than ever" to which I replied (out loud, in the general direction of the TV) "what planet are you living on?"

I know very few people who grow their own food (and can and preserve large quantities of it to consume in non-growing seasons), who pluck their own chickens and harvest eggs, who have to exit the living quarters to go to a seperate "building" to utilize restroom facilities, who walk to school (or work), who heat up their bath water one bucket at a time...all things that were not uncommon for folks in my grandparent's generation. We may fill our days with pointless "things", but we have more legitimate free time than any other civilization EVER....


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