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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

House Update, older pics

The house is coming along. The schedule calls for the plumbers, electrician, and HVAC guys to finish up by Wednesday of next week, with carpet install soon after. Then, shortly after, we'll have the keys in our grubby little hands and begin the multi-stage exit from Muncie.

These photos show some of the stages between my last post and where it currently is. The cabinets are installed, the doors are up, and the wood trim is looking swell. These pics show a little of the "before it was looking exactlly like a livable house" stage. Isn't Cami cute playing with insulation?

Pics Include: the master bath tub before drywall, and after drywall (but before paint), the master bed room taken from the living room,the kitchen area taken from the family room, and the exterior right before brick was done.


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