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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Praise for a Big Corporate Bank

Ok. It is easy to see big corporate banks as evil. There are some (Chase Manhattan Bank and WellsFargo are two that I hate to deal with in my job) who help justify the stereotype.

I have to say, though, that Bank One has earned my respect. First of all, they have been wonderful to work with in the few instances where I actually have to do face-to-face banking. We have a simple checking account, but the folks in the local branch offices have been great every single time. Now, in the wake of the Thief who took $240 from my "fun money" account (which was going to buy some photographic supplies for our upcoming Colorado vacation) they have quickly acted to reimburse us for that money. (They were also the ones who immediately tipped us on which ATM had been used, allowing us to get the photo of the dude.)

I really dislike the Bank One commercials with the woman who looks at everyone's credit cards and comments about their "personality". But Bank One has been wonderful to work with.

Also, our local bank (Ball State Federal Credit Union) has been wonderful on many, many occasions (including financing our hot tub and Cami's new/used car). This incident has been no different.

Finally, a good Samaritan called today, and told Cami he had found her Driver's License behind the K-Mart in town. High Class. It was nice of the person to call though.


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