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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Bad Art/Elephant Dung Burns Fast, Baby


$90 million of "art" such as an unmade bed, a tent with 102 names (of people the artist had "slept with") sown into the fabric, and manequins with penises instead of noses arranged in, well, "odd" poses. One of the items destroyed appears to be Chris Ofili’s "Holy Virgin Mary", the elephant dung splattered painting of the Madonna (complete with a side helping of female buttocks and genitalia) that was part of the "Sensations" show at the Brooklyn Museum in 1999.

Divine justice, indeed.

...he considered them "irreplaceable in the history of British art".

Here's hopin'...

To paraphrase one fellow blog writter: I hate that these things were burned, not because they deserved to be enjoyed as art, but because I don't think my children will ever believe I am being serious when I tell them that these items existed. It will be more of a myth to them than the easter bunny or santa...

BTW, I consider $90 million to be about $89,999,990.00 too much...but if you have $90 million to blow, what else are you going to do with it?


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