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Friday, June 25, 2004

Just a Reminder

In the last couple of weeks, much has been made of the 9/11 Commission report; news which was reported as "no link between Iraq and al-Queda" in many newspapers.

Folks like AlGore have been running around saying things like, "he beeeeeeeetraaaaaaayed us" based, in part, upon this kind of info.

Now, after the fact - of course - there are stories like this one in the NY Times and this one in the Washington Times which give us different details of this "news".

1) There is a link, even though we said there wasn't...

2) Everyone knew there was a link, including the Russians and the Clinton administration (presumably AlGore was part of that administration), but that doesn't mean we can't criticize the Bush administration for their "intelligence"

For Example:
The task force concluded that the document "appeared authentic," and that it "corroborates and expands on previous reporting" about contacts between Iraqi intelligence and Mr. bin Laden in Sudan, according to the task force's analysis.

Basically, it comes down to this: we can't prove Iraq was active in the 9/11 planning, but there was a relationship there. Everyone knew it. The President said he worried about the WMD capabilities (or weapons themselves) being funneled to al-Queda from Iraq. It was one reason to prosecute the war.


At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell it to the parents of the 850 U.S. soldiers that died and the 2000+ Iraqi civilians that died and the 5000 Iraqi civilians that have been wounded.

You are rationalizing an irrational act that could have continued to be handled by diplomacy. There is much stronger evidence of Saudi Arabia ties to Al Qaeda. Yet Bush continues to kiss ass.


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