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Monday, May 10, 2004

New Look Monday

Well, it appears that Blogger has added some nifty new features, and has added more "free" templates for those of us who blog only periodically (ie, we don't actually pay for the service...)

I hope to post quite a bit this week...lots on my mind, but finding the time to write is a bit of a problem right now.

For now, I'll say I've found a new political/military/thriller author who has replaced Clancy in my grubby little "I need something fun to read" hands: Vince Flynn. I'm reading/finishing "Term Limits" right now and will soon be diving into "Executive Power".

I'm also working to see if I can get the Blogger-resident comments working, so I don't have to use the Squawkbox comments anymore (mostly just because it is a bit of a hassle to use a third-party comment system...I've been pretty happy with Squawkbox, but I also don't have a large volume of comments...).


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