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Friday, April 02, 2004

Confusion in our society

The link below is indicative of how far afield we continue to travel as a society. This group is dedicated to making sure women can become mothers without having to come in contact with a nasty man. Stupid men. Who needs them anyway...

Now, I know I'm "old fashioned" (secular language) or "orthodox" (religious language), and I'm sure someone somewhere can come up with one of those "If we didn't have this option so-and-so wouldn't have been able to have a baby..." kind of scenarios where I would at least think, perhaps SOMETHING positive came out of this. Not that I would stray from my conviction that the occasional good "end" in any way justifies the flippantly anti-moral means...

But even from a secular standpoint I can't imagine this. I mean, the "secular" way to judge an action is "does the 'good' outweigh the 'bad', using some scale of justice to measure the two. And in this case, the scale of justice dips heavily to the 'bad' outcome of hundreds, maybe thousands, of fatherless children. We have identified fatherless households as a MAJOR contributor to poverty, especially among African-American populations. It is like a cancer on these communities. A self-feeding, re-cycling cancer.

And yet, we see that and WANT IT TO SPREAD to others as well??? We've identified a major contributor to the cycle of violence, poverty, welfare dependence, and crime, and instead of saying, "Wow, we need to do whatever we can to limit the number of children who grow up without the BALANCE of a mother and a father", we want to jump headlong into quasi-family arrangements that embrace an "alternative" to what works.

As someone who came from a single-parent home, I know it is both tough on the child and the parent. I also know it is POSSIBLE to produce happy, productive, and adjusted children even without the love, support, and guidance that the traditional family provides. But my mother's singleness was never her intent. A one parent family was not her "ideal" way to have and raise a child. Such situations are inevitable. But to actively PURSUE such a choice hints at being sociologically suicidal.

God, help us. I pray for the children born of such selfishness.

I provide this link just to show graphically the mentality here...the little man x'ed out in the corner says volumes. Other statements throughout show not only a lack of respect for the family, but a strong desire to reconstruct reality in terms of what THEY want Creation to be. I'm not on a crusade against them or advocating nasty letter to them or anything. I just thought it good to observe...



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