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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Power's Out. I'm Voting Democrat!

That is the sentiment of one of the people quoted in this story:

http://www.thestarpress.com/articles/2/032779-1552-001.htmlRead below...

"Nicholas Reese of 9485 W. Ind. 32, Parker City, is one of those customers
who is complaining.Reese has been without power since day one of the ice storm,
except for one period last week when power came back on for five hours."I am
thankful that it's not as bad as the tsunami is," Reese said Wednesday. "But
when 150 repair trucks drove past my house today and I hold up my hands like
what's going on and one of them gives you the finger, what's up with

Last week, Reese drove to Indianapolis to buy a portable electric
generator, which he is using to run his refrigerator and stove. He's heating
with a fireplace.

"I understand the repairmen are under a lot of pressure," Reese said. "It's
the electric company I'm mad at. I've called them five times and gotten five
different stories. Now I can't get through.They've got my calls blocked. A
recording says my problem has been reported. So now they don't want to talk to
you. I called the billing office. They are willing to talk to you about your
bill but not about the power outage."

Reese said the ordeal has caused him to switch political
allegiances."I voted Republican last time," he said. "Next time I'm
voting Democrat. It seems like the Republicans are more for businesses, and the
Democrats are more for the people."

Reese thinks U.S. Rep. Mike Pence should investigate I&M's response to
the power outage. I&M spokesman Jim Riggle said, "If an inappropriate
gesture was made, I apologize. It's very unfortunate that that took place.
I can't respond as to why individual customers are out. The crews' bosses are
advising them of their next step. This is an organized restoration effort, not

Cami and I (and most of Muncie/Delaware County) were without power from last Wednesday until this Tuesday night due to the ice storm, living by the light of the gas-log fire and by the sound of dozens of trees/branches falling throughout the neighborhood...as my brother-in-law (who is not normally known for his eloquence) put it: "Muncie is a tree graveyard".

I counted no less than 8 limbs/branches of significant size that struck our house Wednesday night, luckily with only minor damage...the hot-tub looked like a brush pile waiting for a group of football players and cheerleaders to stop by for the big homecoming bond fire, but it looks like the only damage was to the insulated cover.

At one point 120,000 people were with out power, 600 transformers had exploded, 4000 lines were physically down on the ground.

All of this after i had rented (from netflix) the first couple of DVDs of "24" season one to watch...they are just sitting there...i hope, over the next couple of months to "get into" 24 by watching the first few seasons on DVD...i feel so left out...


At 11:45 PM, Blogger Wesley Fryer said...

It's cold here in Lubbock, Eric, but not that cold! Lots of ice storms and power outages in Kansas too I'm told by family there. We are below freezing today, but last week we had a couple days over 60 degrees I think.... :-)


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