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Monday, December 06, 2004

Icy Wet Rat

Anagrams for Eric Wyatt

Witty acre
City water
Icy wet art
Icy wet rat

Anagrams for Eric Sheridan Wyatt

Hereditary wins act
Synthetic wader air
Scrawny Tithe aired
Wayside Retch Train
Charity Rated Wines
Water Chair Destiny
Synthetic war ad ire
Treachery twins aid
Treachery twin said
Syndicate writer ah
Syndicate whit rare
Syndicate wire hart
The sincerity award
Water had sincerity
Wart head sincerity
The raw sincerity ad
Weird ash certainty
His certainty wader
Wide rash certainty
Intercity washer ad
Intercity wash dare
Intercity warheads
Hears rant citywide
Share citywide rant
Citywide hart snare
Errant citywide ash


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