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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Back to the Basics

It has been a week. Monday and Tuesday (and even part of Wednesday) last week was jammed packed with activity, much of which seemed important at the time, but which will fade into forgotten memory.

Locally, our efforts were relatively successful, though there always seems to be one or two "we shoulda" thoughts when a close race is lost. The voters of Delaware County demonstrated a very volitile ballot splitting this year, which in general helps Republicans here.

Specifically, our Delaware County efforts helped produce the following:
President: We again supported President Bush.
Congress: Congressman Pence won 60% of the vote in what is one of the two "tougher" counties in his district.
Governor: Unfortunately, we were unable to deliver the county for Mitch, but the margin was brought down from 8 to 10 points six weeks earlier to a 3 point deficit on Election Day. We were one of a very few counties to go for soon-to-be-former governor EyeBrows.
State-wide: We went convincingly to the two Republican State Wide Candidates (Attny. Gen. and Superintendant of Public Instruction)
Indiana House: One third of the County supported a Republican Incumbent to allow him to retain his seat, One third of the County (surprisingly) helped Bill Davis defeat a Democrat incumbent (which helped gain a majority in the State House) by not just "holding our own" but by actually winning that Democrat-leaning section of the district. (The other third of the county didn't actually have a choice of a Republican, in a district that is easily 70% Democrat).
Local/County seats: We won the County Treasurer (unopposed), one Commissioner (that gives us a 2-1 majority), and 2 County Council (that gives us a 5-2 majority).

Overall, not bad. Lots of conventional wisdom is no longer so wise.

My blog will now return to less Presidential-specific topics, though I think politics will still be a topic.


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