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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Iraq is Part of a Larger Puzzle

From Rush Limbaugh's website, a transcript of a segment from Friday:

Ladies and gentlemen, if George Bush were a pro-choice Democrat, what do you think would be said about his Iraq strategy today? In other words, if a pro-choice Democrat were doing exactly what we've done in Iraq and it was going exactly as it's going, what would The New York Times and the mainstream press be saying about Iraq today? It would be calling the Iraq strategy brilliant.

We would be hearing stories about how emancipated women are in Iraq, if a pro-choice Democrat were running this war, and everything was going exactly as it is. If George Bush were a pro-choice Democrat, they would say Iraq was progressing slowly but progressing steadily, and this pro-choice Democrat, George Bush, would be applauded for his steadfastness and fortitude in sticking to the road.

You think Iraq was a mistake? How many of you think that? I don't. I think it was brilliant. Let's just look at the news. Iran is hell bent on a nuclear bomb. Bombs. Read that, nuclear bombs. Read that nuclear missiles. Iran is hell bent on nuclear missiles. Iran right now is defying the United Nations. Iran right now is defying deals offered by France and Germany and England. The same people that John Kerry and little Ricky Holbrook want to invest all of our hopes in.

The French and the Germans and the Brits and the UN, even The New York Times, are looking to us to do something in Iran. They're demanding that we do something. They're getting nukes! Wait. Wait. The French and the Germans and the UN, even New York Times want us to be the worlds policemen in Iran, but not with Iraq? What's happening in Iraq is a plan, a strategy. We are squeezing Iran by
fixing Iraq.

As it becomes more apparent to you that sooner or later you have to do something, a blockade, an embargo, whatever, every time you read or hear a story about the threat of Iran, every time these people talk about how Iran's building nukes: "We've got to do something about it." Have you noticed it's in the New York Times every day? The press, "We've got to do something about Iran. We've got to do something. Why can't we do something? They're getting nukes, they're getting nukes."

But they refuse to see at the same time how their disgraceful template on Iraq will taint them for generations, putting their policies over national interest, their politics. On what basis are we going to go to Iran based on what John Kerry said about Iraq? His allies [France and Germany] are already there, and they're incompetent.


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