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Friday, October 15, 2004

The Respect of Other Nations

The Myth of 'Squandered Sympathy'

Of course we want to be liked...but not at the expense of our own interests as a nation, especially when it is so apparent that the U.N. model is more prone to corruption and destruction than our own (deeply flawed) system. "If they don't like us, how can we lead them in future conflicts?"

Yes, in order to lead, on a long-term basis, you have to have the respect of those you want to lead. But there is another, more basic, step in aquiring the ability to lead: You have to prove yourself to be true to your word, fair, and honest. You have to establish credibility. In our case, we had to re-establish credibility.

For years, the United States has been shown to be impotent when faced with dealing with terror. That credibility had to be reestablished. "If you harbor a terrorist (or fund them, or train them, or give them young girls from the poor neighborhoods to use as sex toys) we will consider YOU a terrorist." Back up those words, or don't use them. President Bush has been good to his word.

Of course, that need to establish credibility alone isn't sufficient reason to conduct a war. But, a proper response to a threat WAS needed, and it has been taken. People in other countries may not like it, but I wonder if they would doubt the sincerity of the President the next time he says, "You know, if we have to, we'll take military action."

But back to the point: Kerry thinks it is a catestrophic failure that we don't have "the rest of the World" on the front lines with us in Iraq. He ignores the allies we have had in this battle, and focuses on those who decided not to stand up to Saddam.
In short, upon closer inspection, it turns out that "the world" of which the
Democrats speak consists, not surprisingly, of just Germany and France and their
inner-European satellites such as fractious Belgium and mighty Luxembourg. This
makes all the more odd Ted Kennedy's exhortation to the effect that "we should
have strengthened, not scorned, the alliances that won two world wars and the
Cold War." Has Senator Kennedy forgotten that America fought the two world wars
against Germany?

The bottom line is that we are missing three significant allies: Germany, France, and Russia. We know that France and Ru$$ia were profiting from breaking military sanctions in Iraq, and all three were profiting from the Oil for Food scheme (along with Kofi Anon's family). So why should I cry in my Mt. Dew?

This is the problem I have, not only with the Democrats, but with the Vatican regarding this issue: Offer me some reasonable choice besides war, and I would have been happy to listen to it, even advocate trying it. But the option was more of the same: bogus sanctions, illegitimate diplomacy, and bite-less barking. That is the way the U.N. had operated in Iraq for over a decade. Since I was in High School!

I've posted here before, but I'll repeat it: As much as I respect the Vatican's position (and in fact expect that position to be peaceful at the core) I can't imagine choosing to continue to ignore the threat in Iraq when the "alternative" offered was more of the corruption at the U.N. posing as International Advocates of Peace and Prosperity.


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