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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Stop Using the Sun so Much, Dork...

Cosmic ray link to global warming boosted

That's right. There is growing evidence that the Sun may be causing Global Warming. Yes, the smart money was on Cow Farts, but instead, it may be the Sun that is warming up the planet.

(I would like to note here that it is August 17th, and the temperature here in Indiana this morning was like, 60 degrees, and only a little warmer than that by 10 a.m. But, as a friend pointed out, Alaska is having a heat wave...)

Anyway, the article says:

The controversial idea that cosmic rays could be driving global warming by
influencing cloud cover will get a boost at a conference next week. But some
scientists dismiss the idea and are worried that it will detract from efforts to
curb rising levels of greenhouse gases.
At issue is whether cosmic rays, the high-energy particles spat out by exploding stars elsewhere in the galaxy, can affect the temperature on Earth. The suggestion is that cosmic rays crashing into the atmosphere ionise the molecules they collide with, triggering cloud formation.

Interesting, to say the least.

If the flux of cosmic rays drops, fewer clouds will form and the planet will
warm up. No one yet understands the mechanism, which was first described in the
late 1990s. But what makes it controversial is that climate models used to
predict the consequences of rising levels of greenhouse gases do not allow for
the effect, and may be inaccurate.

So, this then, is really the "controversy"? That the sacred cow may be toppled or defaced? That the bloated emperor may not be sporting much more than a thong made of red Twizzlers?

They argued that changes in carbon dioxide levels over the same period had a
much smaller effect on temperature than previously assumed, suggesting that
today's soaring levels of the greenhouse gas may have less impact than
scientists anticipate. "It makes you think maybe it's a waste implementing the
Kyoto Protocol and losing all those trillions of dollars," says Shaviv.
Seems like maybe I read someone else saying something like that...hmmm...

Interesting stuff. Obviously this is new science, and new information. It doesn't invalidate the climate research, unless of course the climate researchers refuse to take the Sun into account. Why would they do that? Because we CAN NOT CONTROL THE SUN, and therefore, their research couldn't lead to the kinds of control and authority that research would lead to if we proved that you, dear consumer, were the one killing the Earth.

YOU, we can control. YOU will submit.

The more we know, the more we should realize how little we know.


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